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Ideas for #SNL40

Hey, the 40th anniversary of SNL is on tonight! Here are some ideas for this show, which is about to be on television, and has been written and rehearsed. It's not too late, shut up.

1) A two hour version of "Whats Up With That" featuring every cast member

2) A feature-length version of Laser Cats

3) Just Eddie Murphy reacting to 20 years of Eddie Murphy jokes on SNL.

4) Tina Fey yelling at Lorne about why Sarah Palin shouldn't be at #SNL40, while Sarah Palin is in the audience.


5) A special, awkward tribute to minority cast members

6) Just me asking Lorne Michaels why, in 2015, there needs to be a live sketch show written and produced weekly, when there are much better sketch shows that have time to plan things before they air.

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