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A short conversation with myself about the movie Lucy

Wow, Luc Besson, the guy who made the Fifth Element, Leon: The Professional, and La Femme Nikita, has made another taut thriller starring a strong female lead. That guy really knows how to stage an action sequence, so I bet Lucy will be great, too.


Brains don't work that way.


Ok, fine, but still. Scarlett Johansen, after a series of garbage movies following the release of Lost in Translation, has really hit her stride. And she's a believable action star! Remember how great she was in the Avengers? Or the new Captain America? Or that one movie where she's an alien or whatever that you said you were going to see and never got around to?

Brains. Don't. Work. That. Way.


FINE. But we should still support action movies with non-traditional leads. When was the last time a lady was the lead in a movie like this (One of the Alien movies, maybe?) And if people don't go to this, will Hollywood ever make a Wonder Woman movie? Or a solo Black Widow project? Or maybe something crazy like a Metroid movie?



Sigh. When you're right, you're right.

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